Toyota Chaser
Tom's X540 CHASER '00
Toyota Chaser LM Edition
The Toyota Chaser in its stock (top), tuned (middle), and racing (bottom) versions
Manufacturer Toyota
Years Active 1977-2001
Related Vehicles Nissan Skyline

The Toyota Chaser is a mid-size sedan/saloon car from Toyota. Most were 4-door sedans, with the 2-door coupe discontinued after the first generation. It was introduced on the Toyota Mark II platform, and was sold new by Toyota only in Japan. The Chaser was initially the competitor to the Nissan Skyline coupe and sedan/saloon.

The Chaser has been known as one of the Toyota's "triplet sedans", because it shares the same chassis with Toyota Mark II and Toyota Cresta. Chaser and it's platform sisters are considered a rung below the Toyota Crown but with lower-tax liability and sportier design. The Toyota Chaser is powered by various engines some known are the 7MGTEs, 1JZGTTE, 1JZGTE and the latest with the 1JZGTE WTI.

The Chaser was then part of the Japanese Touring Car Championship in the 1990s. Due to it's FR layout, numerous Toyota Chasers have been modified for use in drifting and time attacks.

In Gran TurismoEdit

The Toyota Chaser made it's debut appearance in GT1. In GT1 and GT2, the Chaser has stock production car and LM racing variants. Normal Chasers and LM Chasers no longer appear as of GT3, and are replaced by a tuned version of the Chaser built by TOM'S. It also appears on Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6.

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