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  • This is an event of Gran Turismo 4 so why you decide to delete it??

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    • Look at the title: "Stars of Pleiades (GT4)". There is no other event called Stars of Pleiades in Gran Turismo series except for 4, so there is no point in adding a suffix to it. And besides "Stars of Pleiades (GT4)" is too redundant given that the event only appears in a single game and "Stars of Pleiades", on its own, is already the title of a Gran Turismo 4 event.

      I'm not trying to offend you, but that's the truth.

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    • And also happens in almost all GT4 events like Camaro Metting, 1 Series Trophy and all events that uses a template of deletion.

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    • They don't need the "(GT4)" suffix because they are exclusive to GT4. I moved them so that they don't use the suffix. The suffix is only necessary if there are multiple games that have the same event or the event is available in more than one game (i.e. Sunday Cup, Clubman Cup, Polyphony Digital Cup, Type R Meeting, Tourist Trophy, Vitz Race, Like the Wind, etc.).

      I guess you weren't looking at the Search carefully when you type "Camaro Meeting" and you know that it's exclusive to only GT4, so there is no need for the "GT4" suffix as explained before.

      Unless the events also appear outside of GT4, then no suffix is necessary.

      Remember what I did to Mini Sports Meeting. There is no other Mini Sports Meeting other than the one in GT4, so the "GT4" suffix is not necessary.

      You need to read the titles carefully and do some research on the events that appear in GT4. If it also appears before or after GT4, then a suffix is required. If not, then the suffix is not needed.

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