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  • I once tried to enroll my Speedster Turbo into the Speedster Trophy, and yet during a race at Suzuka East (which I believe to be an easy track), I just can't seem to get past the other Speedsters in this 200-point race on A-Spec, even with a full tuning package.

    If anyone has a suggestion on how to win this race with a Speedster Turbo, let me know.

    P.S.: The TCS and ASM values must remain at normal.

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    • Sorry for a late response.

      Try using Racing Tiers (preferably medium), also purchase the Nitro Kit and use it during the start, it should give you a good bost and may get you to the first place by the first steer, if you have a full tuning.

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    • I want all cars in GT4, but I'm too bad to get all gold in the licenses. Also, I am too bad for the driving missions. It's terrible! P.S: I have a automatic transmission.                                                                                        

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