Take Your Honda Home is a hidden bronze-level trophy available in Gran Turismo 5.


Take Your Honda Home

A Honda Castrol MUGEN NSX (JGTC) '00 standing in front of the Honda head office at Tokyo R246, an example of how to obtain this trophy

The Take Your Honda Home trophy is achieved by photographing any Honda in front of the Honda head office in Tokyo, using the photo-mode feature in a replay. The building in question can be found on the main start/finish straight of the Tokyo R246 circuit, approximately two thirds of the way from the start line and first corner, taking the circuit in the forward direction, on the left-hand side of the track; it will be found on the right-hand side of the track after the final turn, approximately one third of the way to the finish line if done in the reverse direction. The building is a tall, white tower with black windows, and is surrounded by "Castrol" advertising boards.