Tahiti Road
Tahiti Road
Country TahitiFLAG Tahiti
Circuit Length 3,347 feet (1,020 m)
Track Type Original Circuit (Real Location)
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo 2

Tahiti Road is a track set in Tahiti that appears in Gran Turismo 2. The track is considered to be one of the easiest in the game.

Sector 1Edit

Sector 1 consists of a very fast uphill section of right, left and right turns (esses) leading into a short straight where sector 1 ends. Downforce needed if you want to go flatout here.

Sector 2Edit

From the short straight leads into fast right-left chicane onto again short straight and then very fast flatout taken right-hander which is leading onto double leftward bent back straight. Only hard braking this on circuit is only needed into the tight right hairpin afterwards the back straight. This hairpin ends sector 2.

Sector 3Edit

This sector begins with the back straight leading to a chicane and a short kink leading to the start/finish line. You can go full throttle if you want, but be careful to brake accordingly or you will drag your car out of the track.