Sunday Cup (GT1)

The Sunday Cup is a championship in the original Gran Turismo. It is a 3 race championship revolved around low performance cars. However, any car is allowed to participate.

In-game TextEdit

Gateway to the World of Gran Turismo. A great place to improve your skills!

Requirements and LimitationsEdit

  • National B License


The three races of this championship are all 2 laps long, and are held on the following circuits.

  1. Autumn Ring Mini
  2. High Speed Ring
  3. Grand Valley East


Pole Position Bonus: 1.500 Credits

First place in the championship: 15.000 Credits

1st: Cr. 3.000 + 9 pts

2nd: Cr. 1.000 + 6 pts

3rd: Cr. 500 + 4 pts

4th: Cr. 400 + 3 pts

5th: Cr. 300 + 2 pts

6th: Cr. 200 + 1 pt

Prize CarEdit

Tips and TricksEdit

  • There are specific tips and tricks for this event. However, the first time you do this event are with cars of low performance. Don't commit errors and mistakes and you should be able to win this championship without big difficulty.

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