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Standard is a classification of cars from Gran Turismo 5 to denote the level to which it has been designed, and how damage will be processed.

The key characteristic of a standard car is that it can only be bought in the Used Car Dealership or the Online Car Dealership, and will therefore only be available at random intervals. In contrast, Premium Cars can be bought at any time.

Features of a standard car include:

  • No detailed in-car view (silhouette dashboard from Spec2.0 update)
  • Physics damage (affects car performance)
  • Scratches, dents, dirt accumulation (minor damage)
  • No serious cosmetic damage
  • Vehicular roll over
  • Headlights: Standard beam only
  • No reverse lights (only effect on ground at night time)
  • No windshield wipers

At time of press, there are 810 Standard Cars in Gran Turismo 5.

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