Red Rock Valley Speedway
Red Rock Valley Speedway
Circuit Length 2.93 miles (4.72 km)
Turns (Left/Right) 8
Track Type Original Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo 2

Red Rock Valley Speedway is a racetrack that appeared only in Gran Turismo 2. It is a medium length circuit run on tarmac, that consists mainly in open corners and long straights, being therefore ideal for cars that are tuned for top speed. In all, the circuit has 8 corners and 6 straights.

Its layout and good, if outdated, looks makes this track specially popular among Gran Turismo 2 players.

Lap GuideEdit

  • Sector 1 consists of just the first corner. It is important to take care around here because of the speed on entry. An entry that is too fast will see you understeering into the barrier, costing you a fair amount of time. Ideally you will want to take the corner smoothly and exit in a controlled manner to prepare for the start of sector 2.
  • Sector 2 starts about 50 meters in advance of the first of 2 chicanes on the circuit. Unlike the single turns that form the majority of the challenge of the track, the chicanes aren't banked very steeply. Braking for entry into this chicane should be initiated along the kerb that also starts at the beginning of the sector. Going along the chicane is a quite tricky affair due to the speed and angle on exit but most of the time just clipping the apexes with priority towards the last turn should yield the best result from the execution of the chicane. Following after a short distance is the first single right turn of the lap. It is worth considering that this is one of the tightest corners of the circuit and it isn't banked very steeply, making necessary a slower approach than usual. Normal driving technique should see you tackling this turn without any significant problems, however.
  • Sector 3 consists of a single right turn and the final chicane. Dropping one or two gears and adjusting your speed according to turn-in strength is usually enough to be able to take the turn. Moderate braking is required to take the first turn of the chicane correctly whilst also allowing for a good entry into the second turn. Usually, a short blip of hard braking mid-chicane will allow you to flick the car into the right angle to quickly clear the second part of the chicane and ready the car for the final corner.
  • Sector 4 consists of the final left-hander and pit strait. Turn 8 is a tight and shallowly banked corner which should be taken with a good amount of care due to it leading onto the pit straight, potentially costing an inconvenient amount of time if you exit badly. As such, braking relatively early and ensuring that cornering speed doesn't change too radically during cornering should clear the way for the best possible exit.

Appearances in GamesEdit

Gran Turismo 2Edit

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