For the smaller car, see Red Bull X2014 Junior.
For the car with a different engine, no fan, and higher wing, see Red Bull X2014 Standard Car.
Red Bull X2014 Fan Car
Red Bull X2014 Fan Car '14
Appears in Gran Turismo 6 Update Icon[1]
Interior in GT6 Detailed[2]
Manufacturer Flag of Austria Red Bull Racing
Flag of Japan Gran Turismo
Displacement 3.0 liters
Drivetrain MR[3]
Aspiration Turbo
Engine V6
Max Power 1193 BHP
Performance Points 964 PP
Max Torque Undisclosed
0-60 Mph 1.9s
Top Speed 491 kilometres per hour (305 mph)
Length Undisclosed
Width Undisclosed
Height Undisclosed
Weight 545 kilograms (1,200 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 0.46 kg (1.0 lb) per horsepower
Credits 6,000,000 Credits

The Red Bull X2014 Fan Car is a hypothetical concept car produced by Gran Turismo in partnership with Red Bull Racing. The X2014 Prototype appears in Gran Turismo 6, where it was added as part of Update 1.04.



In GT6, the Red Bull X2014 Fan Car can be purchased from the Dealerships for 6,000,000 Credits. Alternatively, you may win it through the Sebastian Vettel X Challenge by placing bronze or better in all the events.


  1. Available as part of a post-release update
  2. Appears as a detailed car in Gran Turismo 6
  3. Mid-engined; Rear-Wheel Drive