Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R33) '95
Appears in Gran Turismo (RM)[1]
Gran Turismo 2 (RM)[1]
Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo PSP
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6
Type in GT5 ST[2]
Interior in GT6 Simple[3]
Manufacturer Nissan
Displacement 2568cc
Drivetrain 4WD[4]
Engine RB26DETT
Max Power 276 BHP
Performance Points 458 PP
Max Torque 271.23 ft-lb
Top Speed 191mph (307kph)
Length 4575mm
Width 1780mm
Height 1360mm
Weight 1,530 kilograms (3,400 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 5.54 kg (12.2 lb) per horsepower

The Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R33) '95 is a 9th Generation Skyline and 4th Generation Skyline GT-R produced by Nissan. It appears in all Gran Turismo games to date excluding Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec and Gran Turismo Sport. It's the first and most basic model of the R33-series Skyline GT-R featured in Gran Turismo.


The player can pick seven colors when they buy the car:

  • Super Clear Red A
  • Deep Marine Blue Pearl
  • Black
  • Sonic Silver Metallic
  • Dark Gray Pearl
  • White
  • Midnight Purple Pearl

In-game descriptionEdit

""Minus 21 seconds"; the 4th generation GT-R showed its performance in real numbers."

When the new ninth-generation Skyline sedan, the R33 was introduced in August 1993, one model was conspicuously missing from the lineup: the GT-R. The R32 GT-R was still being sold at dealerships (all the way through November 1994), and Nissan engineers were working overtime to create a car that surpassed the R32. The car was unveiled at the 1993 Tokyo Motor Show, but fans still had to wait until January 1995 for it hit dealerships.

Many had their doubts whether the R33 could surpass the awesome performance standards set by the R32, but it not only met everyone's expectations, it surpassed them, proving this in a television commercial called "Minus 21-second Dream." It showed the R33 running the famed Nürburgring race course 21 seconds faster than the R32.

Under the R33's hood, which was now made of aluminum along with the front fenders, sat the RB26DETT, but this one was more refined. It pumped out a whopping 276 HP at 6800 rpm and 276.2 ft-lb of torque at 4400. Gear selection was performed through the 5-speed manual gearbox that sent power to all four wheels via Nissan's ATTESA E-TS all-wheel-drive system. Also included in the handling mix was an active LSD, strut-tower bar, and powerful ABS-equipped Brembo brakes.

To commemorate its entrance in the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans race, the LM Limited was introduced in 1996.



This car can be purchased at the Nissan Used Cars Dealership for around 34,000 Credits.


This car can be bought at the Nissan Used Cars Dealership in East City for around 30,000 Credits.


This car can be bought at the Used Car Showroom (Late '90s) for around 16,700 Credits. The exact price of the car may vary depending on the mileage.


This car can be purchased for 47,850 Credits.


As a Standard car, the Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R33) '95 can be purchased from the Used Car Dealership for 33,846 Credits. It is a Level 6 car.


This car can be purchased for 47,850 Credits. It has a simple interior.



  1. Available to be Race Modified
  2. Appears as a Standard Car in Gran Turismo 5
  3. Appears as a simple car in Gran Turismo 6
  4. Four-Wheel Drive

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