National B is the first license you can obtain in GT5. To do so, you must obtain at least Bronze in each of the following events:

  1. 200m Stopping Challenge
  2. Steering
  3. "Out-in-Out" - The Most Basic Cornering Line
  4. Braking into a Corner
  5. Basic Cornering Theory - Slow In, Fast Out
  6. Exiting from a Looping Corner
  7. High Speed Driving Lines and Accelerator Control
  8. Finding a Line Through an S Bend
  9. Overtaking Using Slipstreams
  10. Indianapolis Superspeedway 1-Lap Battle


All Gold: Tommy Kaira ZZ-S '00
All Silver: Daihatsu OFC-1 Concept '07
All Bronze: Mazda Deimo Sport '03

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