When Gran Turismo was released in 1997, it featured a soundtrack much more modern than other racing games of its time. Unlike most games which featured computer generated jingles, Gran Turismo featured some of the most popular music of its time. The title theme from Gran Turismo was a Chemical Brothers remix of the Manic Street Preachers song "Everything Must Go". This was also supported by a myriad of popular music in high quality format.

Track listingEdit

Gran Turismo (In-Game Music)
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "As Heaven is Wide"  Garbage 4:46
2. "Autonomy"  Cubanate 4:33
3. "Everything Must Go (Chemical Brothers Remix)"  Manic Street Preachers 5:33
4. "High"  TMF 5:03
5. "Industry"  Cubanate 4:43
6. "Lose Control"  Ash 3:30
7. "Oxyacetalene"  Cubanate 4:05
8. "Skeletal"  Cubanate 4:22
9. "Sweet 16"  Feeder 3:28
10. "Tangerine"  Feeder 5:58
11. "Chicken on a Bone"  Feeder 6:53

Japanese versionEdit

For the Japanese release of Gran Turismo, Moon Over the Castle was introduced as the opening titles song. It was accompanied in-game by a completely original soundtrack:

Gran Turismo Original Soundtrack
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Moon Over The Castle (Gran Turismo series theme)" (This song is the basis of T-Square's "Knight's Song".)Masahiro Andoh of T-Square 5:24
2. "Kiss You Good-bye"  Masahiro Andoh 3:24
3. "Like The Wind"  Masahiro Andoh 5:35
4. "Get Closer"  Masahiro Andoh 4:23
5. "Freedom To Win"  Masahiro Andoh 4:35
6. "Nobody"  Masahiro Andoh 4:18
7. "More Than Loving"  Masahiro Andoh 5:07
8. "Going To Extremes"  Masahiro Andoh 4:23
9. "A Man Of The World"  Masahiro Andoh 4:15
10. "Green Monster"  Masahiro Andoh 3:37
11. "Second Chance (Ending Theme)"  Masahiro Andoh 3:37
12. "Like The Wind (vocal version)"  Masahiro Andoh 3:37
13. "Toward The G.T."  Isamu Ohira 1:00
14. "The Motorious City"  Isamu Ohira 0:50
15. "Joy Of Garage"  Isamu Ohira 1:04
16. "Take Your Dream On"  Isamu Ohira 1:35
17. "Turning Point"  Isamu Ohira 2:27
18. "Mr. 4WD"  Isamu Ohira 2:41
19. "Beat The Corner"  Isamu Ohira 2:58
20. "Final Lap"  Isamu Ohira 2:37
21. "The Drift Of Air"  Isamu Ohira 4:51

The Sound of Gran TurismoEdit


In November 1998, a retail version of the game, entitled The Sound of Gran Turismo was released by EMI records.

The Sound of Gran Turismo
No. TitleMusic Length
1. "As Heaven is Wide"  Garbage 4:46
2. "Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)"  David Bowie 5:12
3. "Lose Control"  Ash 3:30
4. "Chinese Bombs"  Blur 1:24
5. "Bruise Pristine"  Placebo 3:35
6. "Shade"  Feeder 4:16
7. "Industry"  Cubanate 4:43
8. "Conspiracy (Hexidecimal 7")"  Terrorvision 3:25
9. "Atom Bomb"  Fluke 5:49
10. "Wide Open Space"  Mansun 4:33
11. "Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth"  The Dandy Warhols 3:13
12. "A Film for the Future"  Idlewild 3:21
13. "Richard III"  Supergrass 3:13
14. "Whoosh"  Bentley Rhythm Ace 5:51
15. "Sister Sister (Full Vocal Length)"  Philadelphia Bluntz 5:08
16. "Resistor (Full Length Version)"  Radiator 3:31
17. "Skeletal"  Cubanate 4:22
18. "Sweet 16"  Feeder 3:28

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