Mugen Integra Type R
Mugen Integra Type-R
Appears in Gran Turismo 2
Displacement 1797 cc
Drivetrain FF[1]
Aspiration NA
Engine Mugen B18C
Max Power 194 HP
Length 4380 mm
Width 1695 mm
Height 1320 mm
Weight 1,080 kilograms (2,400 lb)

The Mugen Integra Type R is a tuned car built by Mugen, listed as a Honda car in its only appearance in Gran Turismo 2.

In-game descriptionEdit

This description is taken from the PAL version of Gran Turismo 2:

The drive of the Integra Type-R model already leaves no room for criticism. The Type-R completed by Mugen is a special machine that provides the sheer fun of winding that has no equal, and a good dose of exhilaration. First, there is the spectacular look with the aero-parts installed, very different from the normal look. The low vehicle height already gives the visual impression of phenomenal speed. Then the B18C blows you away by doubling the exhilaration. The air cleaner and box, 4-1 exhaust manifold, and the sports exhaust system boost the overall power and torque up a notch above normal. This also applies to the feel of it - the pickup and the speed most definitely feel good. The chassis uses a low down suspension to increase deterioration, providing a setting with high stability. The brakes also respond keenly from the start, for good control. This gives the drive a refined feel. The movements of the car itself are excellently compact, and feel very stable. The cornering is particularly exhilarating and the cornering speed is nothing to scoff at.



This car can only be obtained by winning the fourth race of the 80's Sports Car Cup located in the Seattle Circuit Full Course.


  1. Front-Engined, Front Wheel drive

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