Lotus Elise
Lotus Elise (Type M111)
Lotus Elise Type 72 '01

Lotus Elise '11
The Lotus Elise in its first (top), early second (middle), and late second (bottom) generations
Manufacturer Lotus
Years Active 1996 - present
Related Vehicles Lotus Exige
Lotus Evora
Vauxhall VX220
Opel Speedster

The Gran Turismo series features several variants of the classic British sports car, the Lotus Elise. All of them have an MR[1] layout drivetrain equipped with a Rover 1800 powerplant for the first generation Elise and Toyota 2ZZ-GE powerplant for the second generation. Here's a guide to all the variants featured in the various games of the Gran Turismo Series.

Elise '96Edit

This is the original Elise. Featuring a simple interior, lightweight, compact body and deigned for pure fun, it comes as a Premium car, which can be bought at the Dealerships for Cr. 37,600.

Elise RM '96Edit

This is the Race Modified version of the Elise '96.

Elise '00Edit

This is the basic version of the second-gen Elise. As a Standard car, it can only be bought from the Used Car Dealerships.

Elise 111R '04Edit

This is the top of the range second-gen Elise. It can be obtained in the game as either a Premium or a Standard car. The Premium model is Cr. 54,400.

Elise 111R RM '04Edit

This is the Race Modified version of the Elise 111R '04. You can only perform Race Mods on the Premium version.

Elise 111S '03Edit

This spec of Elise is one down from the 111R, but is higher than the standard Elise '00. It's only available as a Standard car.

Elise Sport 190 '98Edit

The Sport 190 was a track focused version of the Series 1 Elise. This model is a Standard car.

Elise Type 72 '01Edit

Named after Lotus' 1970 F1 car, the Elise Type 72 was to the Series 2 Elise what the Sport 190 was to the Series 1. Only available in black with gold wheels, reminiscent of the Type 72 F1 car; it comes as a standard car on the game.

Motor Sport Elise '99Edit

The Motor Sport Elise was a hardcore, track version of the S1 Elise. Similar to the Exige, it came with a fixed roof instead of the traditional removable soft top. It was designed for a one-make race series, and is not road legal. It's a Standard Car.

Elise '11Edit

The 2011 model of the Lotus Elise is a facelift of the Second Generation Lotus Elise. Aesthetically, the main difference are the headlights, that are now single units. This car is featured in Gran Turismo 6 as a detailed car.

Elise GT1Edit

The Elise GT1 is a car built for homologation reasons, in order to participate at the races of the GT1 Class of the FIA GT Championship. In the Gran Turismo series, this car has appeared only in Gran Turismo 2.


  1. Mid-Engined, Rear Wheel Drive

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