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The Jeff Gordon Nascar School is a GT5 Special Event where you race in a NASCAR, the Chevrolet 2010 Jeff Gordon #24 . As with all special events, you can only gain experience and credit from this event once for each of bronze, silver and gold trophies. Jeff Gordon, a professional NASCAR driver appears in these challenges as your coach.

Level 2: Beginner

  • Using Drafting to Get Ahead
  • Drafting with Multiple Cars

Level 9: Intermediate

  • Inside Driving - Daytona
  • Inside Driving - Indianapolis
  • Outside Driving - Daytona
  • Outside Driving - Indianapolis

Level 21: Advanced

  • Joining the Pack After Leaving the Pits
  • Last Two Laps - Indianapolis
  • Last Two Laps - Daytona


  • Bronze - Classic Muscle Car Gift Car Ticket
  • Silver - Modern Muscle Car Gift Car Ticket
  • Gold - NASCAR Gift Car Ticket

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