Downloadable Content (or DLC) is additional content created for a released video game, distributed through the Internet by the game's official publisher. In the case of the Gran Turismo series, additional content primarily consist of new cars and tracks, which are often included in post-release updates, though DLC packs that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store are also known to exist. While content added through game updates is available for Free, the DLC packs downloadable from the PlayStation Store can be either Premium (available at an additional cost) or Free to download.

In this wiki, two different icons are used to denote DLC content: the cycling arrows (Update Icon) are used to denote content added as part of post-release updates, while the download icon (DLCicon) is used to denote content available as part of DLC packs downloadable from the PlayStation Store.

Gran Turismo 5 Update CarsEdit

Gran Turismo 5 DLCEdit

Gran Turismo 6 Update TracksEdit

Gran Turismo 6 Update CarsEdit

Gran Turismo Sport Update TracksEdit

Gran Turismo Sport Update CarsEdit

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