This is a wish list for cars to be featured in Gran Turismo 7. If you've got a car you want in the game that hasn't been confirmed, add it in one of the following subpages!

Please note: as Gran Turismo Wiki is not affiliated with Polyphony Digital, there is no guarantee that this wishlist will impact the actual car list of Gran Turismo 7. Also, please do not remove cars you don't want in the game. This is a page where anyone is welcome to add what they like, no matter how fanciful they are or how unlikely they are to be included in the game, and removing cars is not courteous to others. Furthermore, we ask that you please place any cars you want to add in alphabetical order. If there is also a model of a car that has been made in two or more different years, we ask that you place them in chronological order.

The wish list is divided into the following subpages:

Note: The letters of the subpages reflects the initial letter of the manufacturer. We ask you that you add the cars into the correct subpage (Example: the Honda NSX Type S Zero '97 should be added in the H subpage, while the Toyota SUPRA RZ '97 must be added in the T subpage).