Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione '08

The first FR Alfa Romeo coupe since the SZ was given a very traditional and legendary name. The 8C is the name of the engine which had made Alfa Romeo famous for their technical excellence in the 1920's, that was designed by the famous Vittorio Jano. This was a famous and revolutionary 8 cylinder power unit that was not only used in the rad racing machines of the Alfas in that era, but also by many different manufacturers at the time.

The front dashboard's classic looks brings to mind its background and has been applied to all models coming after the 8C as the new family trademark of Alfa Romeo. The very Alfa-esque emotional design is a major identifier, and the orders for the limited run of 500 cars worldwide was full almost as soon as it was announced.

The car weighs 1575 kg and the weight distribution is slightly towards the rear at 49 to 51. To achieve this, the body combines a steel frame with carbon. Many aspects of the power unit is shared with Maserati, but Alfa Romeo has tuned its performance and sound. The 4.7L 444 HP V8 engine is matched with a trans-axle Q select 6 speed semi automatic. Alfa Romeo states that its exciting sound is compliant with all of the sound regulations set in various countries around the world.

With a top speed of over 180 mph and a 0-60 mph acceleration of 4.2 seconds or less, its styling may be classic, but its performance is nothing short of a modern day super sports car.

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