Acura RSX Type-S '04

The Honda Integra was known as the Acura RSX is the U.S. The model lineup originally released in Japan featured two versions, the speedy and powerful Type-R and the tamer iS, however, no Type-R was included in the U.S. mix. Instead, Acura designated the Type-S as their top-of-the-line model for the states.

The RSX Type-S was sporty, but wasn't as hardcore as the Japan-market Type-R. The Type-S blended a high degree of comfort into its formula, making it a proficient daily commuter as well as a fun track car. Under the Type-S's hood was the K20A, a 2.0 liter DOHC inline-4 that produced 200 HP and 141.7 ft-lb of torque. In comparison, the Japanese Type-R put out 217 HP and 151.8 ft-lb of torque, while the more modest iS generated 158 HP and 141.0 ft-lb of torque. This made the Type-S fit right in between the Type-R and iS in terms of performance.

In 2004, Honda dropped the iS from the lineup in Japan and replaced it with the Type-S. This Type-S was a bit different than its American counterpart, however, because it retained the lower 160-ps output of the iS. Bit it did sport some body parts of the U.S.-spec Type-S. Unfortunately, the coupe market slumped in Japan, and sales of the RSX slowed in the I.S. causing Honda to stop the production of the Integra altogether in 2006.

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