This is the Arcade Mode of Gran Turismo 4. Players are free to determine the race type (Single, Time Trial, 2P Battle, or LAN) in this mode.

After selecting a race type, the player chooses a track to race, from either World Circuits, Original Circuits, City Courses, and Dirt & Snow.

The player then chooses a car to race with before the Arcade Mode race starts.

Game ModesEdit

Single RaceEdit

In this mode, the player races against AI-controlled opponents and must finish 1st place to gain the designated A-spec points within a set number of laps.

Time TrialEdit

In this mode, the player races alone in a designated track and must beat the target time of that track. The only exception to the rule is that there is no limit to the number of laps the player races.

2P BattleEdit

The player races against another human player playing in the same location to determine which one of the two is faster.


The player races against another human player, but unlike 2P Battle, the opponent does not play the same location as you despite being a "local". A network connection or a LAN adapter is required to play this mode.


Here are a variety of circuits accessible in this game's Arcade Mode:

World CircuitsEdit

Original CircuitsEdit

City CoursesEdit

Dirt & SnowEdit

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