Formula GT (Locked)

The Formula GT event, initially appearing as a locked event box with a question mark.

Formula GT Championship

The Formula GT event, now unlocked.

The Formula GT Championship, in the Professional lobby of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, is a championship designed to replicate the FIA Formula One World Championship. It consists of a series of races involving the Polyphony001 and Polyphony002 race cars (PAL Version)/F686/M, F687/S, F688/S, F094/H, F094/S and F090/S (NTSC Version).

Entry RequirementsEdit

License Requirements: S License

Tires: Any (Tire Wear On)

Specific Requirements: Racing Cars only

Prize CarsEdit

The prize for the Formula GT championship is either a Polyphony001 or Polyphony002 race car (PAL Version)/F686/M, F687/S, F688/S or F090/S (NTSC Version) as well as 250,000 Credits for winning the Championship.


Each race has a prize of 30,000 Credits for a win. The races in the series are as follows


Several circuits of the series replicates real-life classic Grand Prix venues. These are:

  • Midfield Raceway (replicates Japanese Grand Prix, held at Suzuka), but with almost half the number of laps in the actual Grand Prix (the Mid-Field GP is 30 laps long, while the real-life Japanese GP is 53 laps long))
  • Seattle Circuit (replicates the US Grand Prix, once held at a street circuit)
  • Apricot Hill Raceway (replicates the French Grand Prix, once held at Dijon-Prenois circuit, which has similar layout as Apricot Hill)
  • Cote d'Azur (exactly replicates the Monaco Grand Prix, as both the real-life Monaco GP and the Cote d'Azur GP are 78 laps long)

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