Ford SVT F-150 Lightning '03
Ford SVT F-150 Lightning '03
Appears in Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo PSP
Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6
Type in GT5 ST[1]
Interior in GT6 Simple[2]
Manufacturer Ford
Displacement 5410 cc
Drivetrain FR[3]
Aspiration Supercharged
Engine Ford Modular 5.4 DOHC
Max Power 385 PS
Performance Points 442 PP
Max Torque 62.20 kgf.m
0-60 Mph 5.2 seconds
Standing Quarter Mile 13.7 seconds
Length 5283 mm
Width 2009 mm
Height 1801 mm
Weight 2,132 kilograms (4,700 lb)
Credits Cr. 35,050

The Ford SVT F-150 Lightning '03 is a Road car produced by Ford. It appears in Gran Turismo 4,Gran Turismo PSP, Gran Turismo 5, and Gran Turismo 6.

In-game descriptionEdit

"A special pickup with impressive performance, exceeding that of sportscars."

In the United States, the pickup is the first car for many young men. Because of this it has a history of use as a base car for many custom models, and it is not uncommon for them to receive high spec, race car-quality tuning.

Ford's offering to this popularity is the SVT Lightning. Based on the F-150 full-sized pickup, it is mounted with a V8 engine equipped with an intercooled supercharger. With a maximum output of of 355 HP this ordinary pickup has been given performance exceeding a sports car.

As the SVT Lightning is a genuine manufacturer tuning car available for purchase at regular Ford dealerships, and priced at less than $40,000 even with options, it recorded strong sales. The 2004 model was based on the 2001 specs, with its maximum output raised to 374 HP, and additional improvements to the exterior detailing, suspension settings, and drivetrain.

With regards to performance, 0-60 mph acceleration was 5.2 seconds and 0-100 mph acceleration was 13.6 seconds, 1/4 mile acceleration was 13.7 seconds, which is close to its 0-100 mph time, so its 1/4 mile top speed is around 100 mph. Maximum speed in optimal conditions is 146 mph, which is astounding for a pickup burdened with its aerodynamic handicap.

From these results it might be thought that this truck is only fast in straight-line acceleration, but it has recorded maximum turning Gs of 0.88 on the skid pad. Even in cornering, it goes way beyond the levels of a pickup truck.



This car can be purchased for 35.050 Credits. It is a simplified car.


As a Standard car, the Ford SVT F-150 Lightning '03 can be purchased from the Used Car Dealership for 31,658 Credits. It is a Level 4 car.


This truck can be purchased for 35,050 Credits.


This car can be bought at the Ford New Cars Dealership for 35,050 Credits.


  1. Appears as a Standard Car in Gran Turismo 5
  2. Appears as a simple car in Gran Turismo 6
  3. Front-Engined, Rear-Wheel Drive

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