Ford GT40 '66
Ford GT40 Mark I '66 (GT Sport)
Appears in Gran Turismo 2
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Gran Turismo 6
Gran Turismo Sport Update Icon[1]
Interior in GT6 Detailed[2]
Displacement 4736 cc
Drivetrain MR[3]
Aspiration NA
Engine 4.7-liter Ford Modular V8 engine
Max Power 305 HP (GT2)
345 HP (GT3 onwards)
Performance Points 521 PP
Max Torque 336.5 ft-lb
Length 4,293 mm (169.0 in)
Width 1,778 mm (70.0 in)
Height 1,016 mm (40.0 in)
Weight 998 kilograms (2,200 lb)
Power/Weight Ratio 3.27 kg (7.2 lb) per horsepower (GT2)
2.89 kg (6.4 lb) per horsepower (GT3 onwards)

The Ford GT40 '66 is a road car appearing in the Gran Turismo series of games. It appeared in Gran Turismo 2, Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, and, after a long absence from the series, it returned in Gran Turismo 6. It is also available in Gran Turismo Sport, where it was added as part of Update 1.15, released on March 29, 2018.


There are 7 available colors for this vehicle in Gran Turismo 2 and Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Cypress Green
  • Forest Green
  • Navy Blue

There is only one available color in Gran Turismo 6 onwards:

  • Red



It can be purchased in the special section of the Ford dealership for 500,000 Credits.


It can only be obtained from winning the Gran Turismo All Stars event, in the Amateur League section. It has a 1/4 chance (25% probability) to be won.


It can be purchased in the Ford dealership for 2,800,000 Credits and has a detailed interior. Due to the presence of other models of the Ford GT40, the name of this car was changed into Ford GT40 Mark I '66, in order to avoid confusion. A special 15th Anniversary version of the car is also available by pre-ordering the game on the Gran Turismo official website.

GT SportEdit

This car can be purchased in the Ford section of Brand Central for 2,800,000 Credits.


  • During the development of Gran Turismo 2, racing modifications were originally intended to be available on this car. However, in the final version of the game the planned modifications were turned into a separate vehicle, the GT40 Race Car. The race modified version of this car still remains in the game files, and can be obtained through hacking devices.



  1. Available as part of a post-release update
  2. Appears as a detailed car in Gran Turismo 6
  3. Mid-engined; Rear-Wheel Drive