El Capitan
El Capitan
Country Flag of USA USA
Circuit Length 4,787 meters
Turns (Left/Right) 21
Track Type Fictional Circuit (Real Location)
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo PSP

El Capitan is a circuit which is featured, in normal and reverse directions, in Gran Turismo 4 and Gran Turismo PSP. The circuit, which is set in the Yosemite National Park, USA, also contains the Cathedral Rocks rally and hybrid circuits within its boundaries.

The circuit holds the El Capitan 200 Miles, the best way to win the MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V Race Car '89 which is a popular car for other endurance races.

Yosemite Hybrid Course (El Capitan Side)

El Capitan superimposed with other Yosemite tracks.

Lap GuideEdit

Sector 1Edit

The lap starts with a small straight section and a narrow right-hand kink. Tackle the kink in 3rd/4th (car dependent). Bear in mind that it's necessary to lift off the gas before the kink when doing this with larger cars to avoid unnecessary contacts with the surrounding wall. After that, there's a tight hairpin. Brake hard after you cleared the kink and control your throttle to reduce understeer. Then, a series of chicane with a sand trap awaits. Be careful when tackling this chicane so you won't lose grip, especially near the kerb where there are some trace of excess sand. There'll be a rather tight right-hander after the chicane. Braking may be necessary, especially for larger cars. After that, there'll be a sloping incline that marks the end of the first section.

Sector 2Edit

You'll enter the second sector at the tunnel. Use it to accelerate until you've cleared it. After you've cleared the tunnel, there'll be a steep incline followed by a steep decline. You may go full throttle when climbing, but once you've reached the hill's top, reduce speed to prevent your car from jumping and entering the sand trap below or spinning out of control because lack of downforce. When descending the hill, control your speed to avoid overshooting because the descend is followed by a banked left-hander. At the left-hander, you can go full throttle with smaller, more agile cars, but with larger cars, lifting off may be necessary. A short, descending straight is up next, followed by a tight hairpin. Accelerate at the straight and brake once the gear warning sign (that red number thing above your current gear) flashes. Optimize your cornering by taking the inside line and accelerate towards the following tight left-handers (you may need to lift off a bit to avoid understeer). After that, you'll enter a small bridge. Brake lightly while turning to align yourself with the bridge.

Sector 3Edit

Sector 3 starts with a tight left-hander after the bridge. Brake hard and be as close as possible with the kerb to maintain quickest time possible at the turn. After the left-hander, there's a little acceleration point until a tight hairpin awaits. Be careful as your car will understeer when entering this section from a point of speed. Once cleared, accelerate and enter the following left-hander at full speed. After the left-hander, there'll be a series of winding chicanes. Smooth throttle input and lift-off is needed to optimize speed as well as avoiding understeer or oversteer. After the chicane, it's the final stretch. Accelerate at full throttle and you'll complete a lap of El Capitan.

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