The Driving Park facility is an area of testing tracks in the Gran Turismo Series. It exists, in part or as a whole, in all mainline versions of the game except GT5. Driving Park consists of Test Course, Motorland, Beginner Course, Gymkhana Circuit, Circle Courses and Complex String.

Test CourseEdit

Main article: Test Course

Test Course is a 10 km oval circuit with two 2.5 km straight sections seperated by two 180 degree banked corners. The circuit is designed to bring out the highest speeds of each car. A shorter version of Test Course appears in Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo 2.

The circuit is the setting for several license tests, missions, speed trials and races in all versions of Gran Turismo, except for Gran Turismo 5, where it has been excluded and replaced with the Top Gear Test Track.

In January 2012, a longer oval (Special Stage Route X) was released as premium DLC for Gran Turismo 5.


Main article: Motorland

Motorland is a short, highly technical circuit in the Driving Park facility of Gran Turismo. It appears in Gran Turismo 4.

Motorsports LandEdit

Motorsports Land, the predecessor to Motorland, appears in time trial mode of Gran Turismo 2.

Beginner CourseEdit

Main article: Beginner Course

Beginner Course is a very short, simple oval track with a chicane in the back straight. It is one of the most basic courses in Gran Turismo 4. A version of this circuit without the chicane exists in the Driving School area of Gran Turismo 4 Prologue.

Circle CoursesEdit


60R is a 60 metre radius (377m length) circular course used in license tests in Gran Turismo 2 and 3.

In GT3Edit

  • License Tests A-4 (dry) and iB-1 (wet)


100R is a 100 metre radius (628m length) circular course used in license tests in Gran Turismo 3.

In GT3Edit

  • License Tests A-5 (dry) and iB-2 (wet)


Gymkhana is an open paved area of the Driving Park facility used for the Coffee Breaks on Gran Turismo 4's license tests. In these Coffee Breaks cones are arranged in different setups depending on the level of the license.

Gymkhana can also be accessed via the Driving Park area of the Gran Turismo map.

In GT4Edit

Complex StringEdit

Main article: Complex String

Complex String is a long, highly technical test circuit from Gran Turismo 3. It features several long straights as well as many 'themed' areas of compound corners. It is designed as the ultimate test of power, speed, acceleration, handling and stability of cars, as well as testing the ability of the driver to the limit.

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