A Coffee Break is simply a fun activity added into Gran Turismo 4's license test mode, meant to provide a rest from the otherwise intense precision driving tests. These activities can range from driving a Daihatsu Copen through a field of cones without hitting one to using a TVR to run over a row of them arranged in a swirl shape. These trivial tests cannot be failed (except for hitting a cone when you shouldn't hit them in Coffee Break 1, going off track when the cones act as a wall in Coffee Break 4, or crashing onto a wall in all Coffee Breaks) and have no consequence on the rest of the player's license tests. Below is a list of all Coffee Breaks.

It then made its second appearance on Gran Turismo 6.

Fun fact: In Coffee Break 2, the information in it says "with the training car being an Opel Speedster Turbo." Even though you are using a Peugeot 206cc.

GT4 Coffee BreaksEdit

  1. Drive a Daihatsu Copen through a field of cones without hitting one.
  2. Use a Peugeot 206cc to drive over cones laid out in an increasing-radius spiral.
  3. Use a TVR Griffith 500 to drive over cones laid out in a decreasing-radius spiral.
  4. Drive a Nissan 350Z Roadster though a Gymkhana course and stop it at the end.
  5. Drive a Honda Beat through a maze, hitting all the cones.

GT6 Coffee Breaks Edit

These are fun little things to do if you want to have a break from the actual license tests. They may be difficult, to a degree, but either easy or difficult, they are still fun.