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Black Cars at Mid-Field

The black cars at Mid-Field Raceway.

The "Black Cars" are a group of four secret racing cars featured in Gran Turismo 4 during days 694-700 of the calendar cycle. They are all painted, instead of in team liveries, in matte-black. There also seem to be some other random black cars, such as a Honda S2000 Type V '01 and a Clio Renault Sport V6 24V '00. If the player decides to buy all four race cars, a total of 8,299,978 Credits is required.

The "black vehicle" concept is reused in Gran Turismo 5 with the Stealth Model vehicle series.


Vehicle Image Showroom Price
Mazda 787B Race Car '91 Mazda-787b-race-car-91-black Used Car Showroom (Early '90s) Cr. 1,224,990
Nissan R92CP Nissan-r92cp-race-car-92-black Used Car Showroom (Early '90s) Cr. 1,224,990
Nissan R390 GT1 Race Car '98 Nissan-r390-gt1-race-car-98-black Used Car Showroom (Late '90s) Cr. 2,924,999
Toyota GT-ONE Race Car (TS020) '99 Toyota-gt-one-race-car-ts020-99-black Used Car Showroom (Late '90s) Cr. 2,924,999


  • All the Black Cars are of Japanese origin. The reason for this is unexplained.
  • It is possible, although very rare, to encounter the A.I. using the Black Cars. They are usually encountered during Arcade mode. More often than not, they primarily use the black Nissan R92CP.
  • The Formula Gran Turismo is awarded in black for achieving 100% completion of the game.

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