Beyond the Autobahn is a PlayStation Network Bronze-level trophy that can be unlocked in Gran Turismo 5.

GT5 Requisites/WalkthroughEdit

The Beyond the Autobahn trophy is unlocked by the player completing a minimum of 12,718 km (the total length of all of Germany's autobahns). There is no "shortcut" to this trophy, but it will unlock fairly easily for a player who progresses far into the game, because all A-Spec, B-Spec, practice laps and even license tests count towards the total. Total distance driven to complete the game is around 54,217 km. The trophy is achieved by 20-26% of players.[1][2]

GT6 Requisites/WalkthroughEdit

In Gran Turismo 6, this trophy is called Autobarmy, and is achieved by approximately 13-18% of players.[3][4] Total distance driven to complete the game, without entering seasonals, is around 12,900 km.


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