Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Country Flag of Italy ITA
Circuit Length 5.793 kilometres (3.600 mi)
Turns (Left/Right) 11
Track Type Real World Circuit
Road Type Tarmac
Appears in Gran Turismo 5
Gran Turismo 6

Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a real-world track first available in Gran Turismo 5 and 6. The layout used in the game is the Formula One Road Course, very fast with several deadly chicanes and smooth curves. A simpler and faster version: Autodromo Nazionale Monza (No Chicane), also appears in GT5 and GT6. Additionally, an 80s version of the track was added in GT6 with the Ayrton Senna Tribute update.

Tuning GuideEdit

Monza has some gradual inclines and declines but is overall very flat, so you can keep your car relatively low. Avoid lots of negative camber since the bulk of the track focuses on straight-line acceleration. Downforce will help with high-speed stability.

Appearances in Gran TurismoEdit

Autodromo Nazionale Monza appears in the following events and license tests in Gran Turismo:

Gran Turismo 5Edit

Gran Turismo 6Edit


  • In Gran Turismo 5, the banked oval section is fully modeled even though it is never used. This may mean that the oval and full circuits may be made available in future DLC.
  • The junction leading to the Junior Course is also modeled despite not being used in the game, indicating a possible future DLC.
    • Both ideas were eventually scrapped, possibly due to development time constraints.

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